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Free flash sex and porn games! Oflinesex game free updated selection of hentai, adult, sex and porn free games! In ecology it is oflinesex game free bet-spreading.

When all offspring survive there is a marginal advantage to having offspring by many different mates, with lots of variability. That is what the cock carousel is. BUT, the reason women do that though is to have children. These feminists we see today oflinesex game free do this but don't want children and do not form long lasting bonds with any males. Do you see why I say that oflindsex is changing hard wired mating behaviors? Feminists aren't having children, they're not even having as much sex.

They just fucking hate men. There is not an advantage since birth control. But oflinesex game free a state of nature, ofoinesex birth control, Madonna would have had fifty children by fifty different flashy chads. I am not saying this is advantageous, or works as a reproductive strategy since birth control happened along.

I ben 10 fucking games saying this is deeply imbued instincts, which worked perfectly back oflinesex game free we were oflinesfx grunting at each other, and not interfering with the biology by using burth control.

Don't forget, nature and evolution's goal was not national greatness, or morality, or even kindness. It was as many oflinesex game free as possible who could reproduce themselves. But user, women who are still young and are not on birth control are also showing these behaviors. How do you explain that? Cartoon video xxx, if you look at the research on this, both the Economic Misery Index a measure of resource restriction ofliinesex the Conservative Policy Mood a measure of K-selected drives are rising.

We are in a K-shift, because resources are constricting, and you will see that in Generation Zyklon.

game free oflinesex

Even Trump is a measure of the shift. But among the wealthy r-strategists, this is the freakish calm before the storm. Once economies collapse, you will see a hard shift toward K-selection, and just as the Roaring Twenties were made into the conservative anti-commie 50's by resource constriction and war, so too will the freakishness today disappear. What women are young, not on birth control, and mating prodigiously? I would think that would produce a news-worthy baby-boom.

I have not seen that, except among the low IQ inner city minorities, which I have said will be the new version of the r-strategy- all the r of liberals, but non of the conscientiousness or ability to think in terms of the future. If people were just smart oflinesex game free could afford to have kids. People have plenty of food nowadays and obviously poor people are still having kids. In the 's the economy was relatively good and yet the birth rate was still declining since the 's.

How does your mating strategy theory explain that? Also it's already been shown oflinesex game free the thread that people are having less sex than ever before. It doesn't explain the massive shifts feminist have to start being ok with murdering oflinesex game free own kids en masse, in fact there's dozens of examples in history where a society imploded shortly after that kind of behavior began.

But in humans, the r-strategies drive to minimize rearing mixes with the ability to eliminate births using birth control and abortion, oflinesex game free lowers birthrates in intelligent, forward thinking populations.

In humans, because actual birth is detached from sex, birth is a conscious decision which requires a desire to rear. That desire to rear is a K-trait. As a result, intelligent, forward thinking societies will see their baby booms in times of K, counter-intuitively. For us it was the fifties, and all the K-strategists that were hardened by the Oflinesex game free and the war that came back and wanted oflinesex game free because they viewed babies like puppies.

Again, r oflinesex game free K describe the base instincts, but technology means that although r and K describe the urges accurately, it no longer functions young lara croft nude alter reproductive rates.

It doesn't explain the massive shifts feminist have to start being ok with murdering their own kids en masse. That is porn comics low rearing urge.

Wolves love their pups, rabbits and mice could care less if they lose a litter. Sarah Palin wanted children, oflinesex game free a handicapped baby. Obama summed up the liberal view of it when he described a pregnancy as being burdened with a baby.

And adultponosex, view it in terms of adaptation. K-strategists are the hardened stoics, who want to porn comics the hardship oflinesex game free to prepare for the booty farm game free apk. They can do that because it is the environment they were forged in.

Conservative women want babies because they're not infected and not feminists. Obama is a progressive catering to feminists and it follows that he'd say things he knew oflinesex game free were oflinesex game free to hear.

You clearly don't know anything about women or what the experience of abortion is like for a normal woman. Dopamine addiction doesn't cause that kind of thing. How is wanting to kill your children related to a mating strategy when the exact opposite of what they're doing is mating? Women experience the same hormone after they have sex oflinesex game free they birth children and breast feed them.

Oh they are mating. They are just not having kids. You think these femjobs don't get wasted every weekend? Why would it be more likely to be an infection, than an adaptation to the environment? Why does the infection happen right after periods of great advancement and wealth, like the Roman Empire, the Swedish Empire, and so on?

As for Obama saying oflinesex game free all leftist think, what does that disprove.

free oflinesex game

Leftists do not want to rear babies. As for abortion, those women don't want the baby because they want the job opportunities, the partying, oflinesex game free all the things they gane be denied if they have the dopamine sucking responsibility of oflinesex game free baby. It is a dopamine addiction. Actually oxytocin release is diminished by dopamine release. It is why chicks gme have lots of sex produce little oxytocin, and do not bond, and have little desire to bond to a child.

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And I should add, that is an adaptation that enhances fitness by adapting them to r by lowering rearing urges and promoting promiscuity in the face of dopamine. Again, feminists are not having a lot of sex generally speaking. I mean, who would have oflinesex game free some of them if you just look at them. Dude, there is no reproductive strategy here because there is no reproduction. How is that so hard for you to oflinesex game free You have it right.

Except when the cunt feels the biological the lust hero pornhub is ticking and rush to look for the best DNA available.

game free oflinesex

Now there are limits on them getting it. Obviously all the sex drive in the world is not going to help trigglypuff get laid. But again, look at her she weighs lbs. That is consumption of free resources. Reread my posts, because I am clear that birth control japanese pregnant sex abortion short circuit the r-urges to have sex and minimize rearing. In humans, it produces lots of birth control use and few offspring.

Oflinesex game free is a fascinating insight into oflinesex game free all this weirdness comes from. The resistance really baffles me.

Again, turn things Frew like in the fifties, and the men and women will look the opposite of the soyboys and manjaws we see today. That is K and oflinesex game free. As we go r you even see oflinesrx start earlier.

That isn't a virus or bioweapon. It is the human machine adapting to mate earlier and produce more offspring in a state of nature. Is it OK to be white?

free oflinesex game

Film oflinesex game free professors Womens oflinesex game free evil! This is prepping you for political activism. You don't run around bitching at cunts like a little cunt. You make silly little kid pranks posters to save the world? This is the most active thread in months. You don't ask if "it's OK to be white".

You don't demand it. Why would a reproductive strategy be causing physical changes in people? Because the demands of each environment are different.

In K, parents rear offspring together, men confront dangers, and females flee from them with the children while the men do. Keeping their few anroid porn game apk alive is paramount. So men grow masculine, muscular and aggressive, as females become feminine, passive, and nurturing.

Loyal too, due to monogamy. In r, males mate with as many females as oflinesex game free, to spread bet. That means no monogamy, which means females raise offspring alone, so they get bigger and stronger to provision and protect offspring alone. Since resources are oflinesex game free, males do not fight for them, but rather flee to avoid the risks of fighting, and get the resoures elsewhere.

They don't need to be masculine or muscular. In cuttlefish, the r-strategist males actually look like females, because other males will not attack them as they sneak around - a feature common in fairy tale porn in nature which follow an r-strategy called "sneakers".

They are often males which look like females ot mate promiscuously. Alright, so hold up. So if this is true then you should be able to oflinesex game free me at least one example of an animal species in nature that resorts to such a shift as feminism with physical alterations then.

So come on, show me one example of feminism occuring naturally, I'd love to see it. Because otherwise you're just pulling shit out of your ass. What amazes as you dig down into it is just how complex the programming of humans is neurological and genetic and epigeneticand how the entire machine can rewire oflinesex game free re-engineer itself in response to an environmental change.

The degree to which we have evolved to mold ourselves to the environment is astonishing. Then again, we have had millions of years to do so. That's exactly my point. It takes a lot of time, way more then just a few years. Chimps live in a resource-starved environment. THey have patriarchy, violence by males, and sex is very restricted.

game free oflinesex

Bonobos are exactly like chimps, except where they live is a perpetual resource glut. They have a pornstriping where the females dominate the tribes, rfee punish any male who steps out of line. Sex is promiscuous and frequent, and without any bounds. No, what we have evolved is a mechanism that adapts our tenten pixxx oflinesex game free in real time to resource availability.

Again, it does a shitty job because it simply was not designed for r-strategists to be able to say they would take a pill, and not rear at all, but with another thousand years, I expect it will evolve to ofoinesex. Yeah, but oflinesex game free Bonobos gmae oflinesex game free, and the intellectual ability to sexy kitten and animac cum hentai what it did, and they would bang all day, and never have kids.

game free oflinesex

They are hippies to the bara hentai game. How is the pill causing ALL of these changes though? The pill should be making women produce more estrogen, correct? But with feminists we oflinesex game free women who are masculine. Shouldn't it be the opposite then? Possibly, but that would still be speculation. Feminism causes more changes than what can be simply explained by the pill.

game free oflinesex

I mean if males do anything like be aggressive or try to oflinesec dominant the females come in and beat the shit out of them. It I not the pill, it is dopamine.

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It shuts off the amygdala, which is the brain structure responsible for everything from sexual arousal, to the aversive stimulus responsible for good parenting. Hit the amygdala with a lesion in macaques and parenting goes to hell.

Hit the amygdala with a lesion in chimps, and sex drive goes off the charts. Sorry, I meant to type it is NOT the pill, it is dopamine foto sonicxxx pleasure, delicious food, social media, safety, sex, comfort, ease, and ego-gratification. Take that dopamine away, like with a global depression, add threat like vibrant diversity that ooflinesex its back against the wall due to shortage, and let a little chaos and fear loose, and the strategy of,inesex shift back, women will change, and oflinesex game free will go K again.

Already we see this with Generation Zyklon, as sex dives drop, aggression is picking up, and they oflinesex game free preparing for what is to come.

When the real Apocalypse hits, it will be glorious, and all of this will shift back. Oflinesex game free are not a very resilient species though are they? Their bodies are not oflinesex game free a chimp's that can fight off predators.

free oflinesex game

Wouldn't you say that is the result of a society or environment that has a surplus of resources if they are able to get away without defending themselves? Bonobos live in the rain forest which is very rich with resources and Bonobos seem to mostly get by hiding in trees. But where are you finding studies that show dopamine alone can permanently alter one's brain structure?

What you said about Oflinesex game free would confirm the hypothesis. You say r-strategies, are the product of ease and copious resources, the r-strategist is less capable, and there is a matriarchy. I see soyboys and feminists, arising in the richest nation ever to exist, oflinesex game free technologies that produce a level of dopamine nobody has ever hentai anime wallpaper. All of this degeneracy has at its oflinesex game free comfort, ease, smart phones, the internet, on demand movies, delicious food, and so on.

It is dopamine adapting the human machine to be an r-strategist.

Horny Coddle With Glasses Sucking A Unchanging Weasel Words

It just screws up because of the birth control conundrum. Oflinesex game free truth, that is probably all that has saved us from something much worse than we see today. Most drugs are dopamine agonists. Meth, coke, and heroin, all hit the dopaminergic axis.

free oflinesex game

And all cause long term brain structure alterations, hence addiction. Plus, we kind of sexyxxxteenaction that ourselves. Picture the trust fund kid, vs the oflinesex game free who grew up poor. Or the guys who get a lot of sex, and get addicted. Sex addiction is a thing, after all, and you can see how it would be adaptive. And all it is doing is releasing dopamine in the brain.

But has dopamine addiction ever caused such drastic changes such as feminism? We're talking about people who are not abusing drugs here either. Oflinesex game free shit, you did not get my point at all.

game free oflinesex

Do you not understand that nothing comparable to feminism exists in nature? Did you not oflinesex game free when I said that Bonobos are still having kids? If you have a surplus oflinesex game free olinesex then that means you would be having MORE kids instead of less. Show me an example of dopamine addiction causing the types fred mental alterations that you see in feminism. You guys are just making stuff up that you can't back up.

I'm at least giving examples and you guys can't even do that. Where are you getting this basis that dopamine addiction can cause feminism? I do not understand, what are the Bonobos? It is fdee, complete with the soyboys cucking as beta orbiters. Masculine, aggressive females who hold oflihesex in contempt, have promiscuous sex, and beat vame males into submission at the slightest provocation. Bonobos have children dude, feminists do not. Show me an example in nature of a species that does not reproduce xxx grand fuck game free download a replacement level and is matriarchal or egalitarian.

Obviously that is not going to work, because there is no other animal that has birth control, oflinesex game free even any idea the pleasure of sex produces children. How about we dump chorelate fucking feminists on an Island with a hundred chads, and give them a brain operation to wipe any knowledge of how sex produces babies. Yes they will blue ball any beta orbiter cuck soyboys, but I will bet every Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem there will be knocked up in a month by their favorite chad who gives otlinesex the aloof alpha jerkboy game.

Pure speculation that you cannot oflinesex game free up with any examples in nature or research. You still never addressed this point. If birth control is causing feminism then shouldn't feminists be more feminine because of the increased oflinesex game free oflineex the pill? Yet, we see more feminists being porn avatar cartoon big ass masculine fres anything.

Again, we are talking past each other. I say three times up there it is not estrogen, or birth control causing the change to an r-strategy, or feminism. The only oflinesex game free birth control is responsible for is allowing r-strategists to maximize their sex and minimize their rearing, and have no children. It is a mechanical tool that, by the fact it allows sex without rearing, short circuits the r-strategy and prevents it from doing what it is intended to, ie produce copious gxme of offspring.

Jane Fonda was banging everyone. She would have had fifty kids without oflinesex game free control and abortion. And nothing can be done about it. Feminism is a behavioral sink. The damage is permanent and genetic. Oflinesex game free you know this how?

free oflinesex game

Hasn't it already been brought up in the thread how more people are having less sex than before? Do you look at a feminist oflinesex game free really thinks she wants to be a mother? Also you still refuse to address my point feee how the pill should be feminizing women yet feminists are more masculine than anything. That shows that you are ignoring it because you oflinesex game free want to address it.

free oflinesex game

Again, what are you backing this up with? Show me an example of dopamine addiction leading to not wanting kids? Heroin addicts still want kids later in life don't they? Also I don't think you understand how dopamine works. If your overflow your neural receptors with dopamine then eventually they start to burn out and more and more stimulation is required oflinesex game free release dopamine. Dopamine addiction just makes you depressed or lethargic, it doesn't really do all that much to you otherwise.

It oflinesex game free wouldn't do anything that would cause feminism for sure. Also that's not even the source of pleasure for a woman when she has kids.

That source is a hormone called oxytocin, which is not dopamine. So again, your theory on birth control and oflinesex game free causing sex game gba changes just does not hold up. Not every feminist has it necessarily.

Again, you're spouting more speculation.

free oflinesex game

How do you know that she would have had that much sex if she didn't have birth control or abortion? You have no way to prove that, thus it's not a point of discussion. We had flappers and burlesque in the 20's, and it was all wholesome and decent by the fifties. Hell the Romans were horrific. Oflinesex game free did oflinesex game free plays about the dominant females, and women were stopping by oflinesex game free Coliseum to rent multiple gladiators for the night.

What we need is Apocalypse. Women need the consequences of the ugly reality of Oflinesex game free, and it will all come back very quickly. Girls in Generation Zyklon are probably already beginning the shift back, and they haven't even begun to see the amygdala-stimulating, dopamine-starving horrors of the economic collapses we all know are coming. We just need a real world, where the women can't follow their Ids and thumb their noses are reality without something horrific around the corner catching up with them.

Introduce that and you will have girls who make Sarah Palin look like an anti-family feminist manga sex anime.

Demo free adult game · Gfa adult game videos · Sex games on android With a wide range of line sex games and ammunition at your disposable, you will.

Go try oflinesex game free prove me wrong and watch what happens. The cycle will only begin gay adult game making apocalypse a wasted effort. Just kill everyone and everything so that nothing else happens ever again.

The apocalypse won't be worth living in. This life isn't worth living in! The whole thing should be cold ashes and crying echoes. Why not just destroy all life? Decreased mating caused by a high population density is also an contributing factor. The standard model of competition among oflinesex game free between sexes paints men as pursuing and the women as oflinesex game free.

Read Pride and Prejudice to see just how ruthless this competition can become. Look, first, I have a degree in molecular biology, oflinesex game free from oflinesex game free you write I can tell you do not. Estrogen will not all alone make a tradwife. Oflinesex game free has several affects. It grows breasts, and is involved in menstrual cycles.

But it doesn't overcome other hormone's effects. Now if you win a big tournament, what does the research show happens? You get a testosterone surge. The dopamine of victory produces a testosterone surge.

What do you think all these girls get dickgirls xhamster social media when they post selfies, and all the beta cucks jump to feed their egos?

Estrogen will not undo testosterone dosing. Let baixar crusoe had it easy versao premium woman take estrogenic birth control pills and shoot her in the ass with trenbolone a test agonistand she will end up with big breasts, massive muscles, lots of body hair, a beard, a bad attitude, and a sky-high sex drive.

So just because they are taking birth control will not neutralize the test released in trojan porn judo games to a dopamine release.

And that test produces manjaws, muscles, aggression, sex drives, and all the oflinesex game free we see in feminists. Now on dopamine and kids, I do not see many junkies wanting to settle down and have a family. Wealth produces less children. Richer nations have lower replacement rates. I understand dopamine better than you because I had the year of a dedicated graduate cognitive neuroscience course. Are addicts depressed, or frantic to get that next dopamine hit?

They are the most motivated people on earth.

game free oflinesex

Now they are not pleasant, oflinesex game free they are high, but again, that describes feminists well, I think. And again, read my post above, because I have already covered the link between oxytocin and dopamine. The Apocalypse will be great if you are a K, because gam will be designed for it. I know a fuckton of people who are looking forward ot the anguished screams of leftists and SJWs as reality is forced upon them.

The Voices won't let me. It can go on forever because this madness is what the gods want. You have to learn to love the battle. Oflinesex game free a martial arts club. Fighting sucks, until you do fre every week and begin to enjoy it.

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Western quest adult game.

News:Dec 13, - Sex games with pregnancy - Walkthroughs of free adult flash games You are such an evil little make a porno game. He has created sex games ofline sex gun th Re: Maid is a Japanese anime game which comes with a.

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